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JL Films is a film and video production company specializing in making Independent action feature films, short and documentary films and music videos

The company also focuses on making top notch action sequences for other film makers and independent feature films.


Our creative team of filmmakers come up with unique and challenging concepts which can be done at a very low budget, but at the same time keeping the quality and standard of an action film. 'Action' genre is the most demanding film genre and always have a wide audience. We specialize in making action films. We develop action scripts which are unique and doable at the most cost efficient way.

Once we have a project, we usually finishes a project in 6-8 months. It includes pre-production, production and postproduction services. Our domestic and international team of artists provide the best quality services within a given time.

Sometimes we collaborate with other film production companies and as a joint venture we produce quality films.
Once each project is successfully completed we negotiate with various domestic and international distributors for the release of the films theatrically or on Video on Demand distribution in the United States and internationally.


Our Service is not only limited to Feature films but also specialize in making quality music videos. We have worked with numerous musicians and artists and we have the right tools and skills to produce your next music video.


First things first, send us an email so we can get started! Whether you represent a brand, have started your own company, or have a new fancy product, we want to hear all about it! A video that doesn't connect with your target audience or your marketing strategy is useless... so the more we know the better. During this intro call we will answer all of your questions about us, but more importantly we will be gathering all of the information we need to concept out your specific video.

Having your specific needs in mind our team will get to work on creating a handful of original and exciting concepts tailored specifically to YOU. Your brand is unlike any other brand out there... so we think your video should be too! Over the years we have developed a ton of insight on what does and doesn't work on social media and look forward to sharing that with you. Have an idea? Don't be shy! Collaborating on ideas with our clients always brings out the best results.

After a concept has been chosen we can then move into the pre-production phase... don't worry, we will take care of everything. Just let us know when the video needs to be ready and then sit back and relax! We will continue to connect with you on a regular basis so you are involved every step of the way... after all this is YOUR video! We have a full in-house team of some of the best filmmakers around who are eager to get out there and make amazing content. We use the same gear used in Hollywood motion pictures to ensure you can confidently show this video off to all of your friends, and more importantly, your in-laws. We'd love to have you on set if you'd like to make the trip! If not, sit back and relax, as we will keep you updated with behind the scene photos and product shots!


WE MAKE ACTION FILMS.. and without a good stunt team how can we make top notch action films? That means we have a stunt team. Our team is comprised of some of the best stunt men, stunt coordinators and fight choreographers in the industry. 'Action' genre is the most demanding genre in the movie industry in every country.

Other than providing action choreography services to 'our' own projects, we also help 'other' film makers to make high end adrenaline driven action sequences for their films. And we do that in a very cost efficient way to keep the 'action budget' lower. Action films are very expensive to make. But our goal is to make action sequences and action films at a lower budget and also at the same time keeping the quality of the sequence or film at it's best.

We are willing to work anywhere in the world, regardless of the movie's language or genre. We have worked in many international movies.

Leave us an email to know more about our services and how we can help?